Custom Design & Quality Build

CleanClick is the highest quality no touch tool on the market.
It is ergonomic, compact and visually appealing.
The spring loaded stylus deploys with a satisfying ``click`` sound.

Feature Graph


Simply click the button to release the spring-loaded, solid brass post. It ``clicks`` into place, allowing you to use the silver-fabric rubber tip to press buttons, use touchscreens and other public interfaces.



Push the button to deploy the CleanClick stylus. It locks into place with a satisfying "click" sound.


Tap, Touch or Press

CleanClick works with all kinds of touchscreens and signature pads.


Retract and Lock.

Retract the CleanClick when done. It can be safely kept in pocket, purse or bag until needed next time.

New & Unique

What makes CleanClick different to every other ``no-touch`` tool on the market today?

Injection Moulded Construction

CleanClick is fully injection moulded with tough, easy-grip ABS plastic.

Fully Antimicrobial

The outer casing contains Biomaster 612™ a silver-based antimicrobial agent.

Unique Retractable Design

The solid brass stylus is retracted when not in use, making it safe to keep in a bag, purse or pocket.

Visually Appealing

CleanClick is designed to be a neater more refined alternative to ugly "key" type no touch devices.

Quality Components

The brass components are custom precision engineered, combined with a high quality custom stylus tip.

Professionally Designed

CleanClick was created and refined by a team experienced in medical device design and manufacture.


Use on Public Buttons

Overcome the "eww" factor when using public buttons on tills, payment points and ticket machines. No need for gloves or hand sanitiser once you have a CleanClick.


Capacitive Design - Touchscreen Friendly

The unique brass & plastic design ensures the capacitive charge of your body is transmitted to any touchscreen.

Some Color Examples

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